Friday, January 05, 2007

Starting over

OK , I've finally found the answer. This page is lacking the personal touch. Let me start again:

I'm Greg. About five years ago, I was sitting at work in my hometown of Southampton, England when a female colleague (whom I was secretly in love with) told the boss she was leaving to travel Asia. Although I never got round to telling the girl in question how I felt, though I think she sensed it (and even if she didn't , she'll read it on here so now she knows :-) ) she did inspire me to do the same.

So I sold my home, packed up and travelled Asia. I was warned off a girl by a triad group in Hong Kong , I absailled down cliff sides in Vietnam, I kissed a girl as the sun set on a waterfall in a national park , I had my taxi blocked by an elephant in Thailand and I bribed an immigration officer in Laos.

At the end of it all, Thailand was my first love, so I came back to live.

That was about four years ago. Now, I work as a teacher in Nonthaburi. I am married and I have one son. Like most people I gave one hundred reasons for moving to Thailand, but the real underlying reason was a female. Like most people, I really believed that I was something special by moving here.

Now I've got some experience under my belt, and I want to use it.

I wrote a blog that was getting a fair few hits each day and comments and questions from visitors. In rash moment, I deleted the whole blog.

Now I'm aiming to make this blog as decent as the old one.
Politics does creep in to my writings sometimes. Forgive me for that. From now on I'll try to keep politics on my separate blog.

So this blog is on what Thailand is really like. It's not all raucous nightlife, shocking drug scams or subservient woman. But it does have a whole lot of beauty, a whole lot of quirks and a lot to blog about.

So welcome. If you are interested in Thailand and you wonder what it's really like to live here for longer than the six month novelty period, feel; free to read and ask any questions.


The bomb aftermath

Fingers continue to point, but the reality is that the authorities are no closer to finding the culprits for the new year bombings. Thai TV stations are showing farangs (foreigners) describing their concerns at the continued number of bomb threats (about twenty a day) and visible police and army units.

The reality is this: what happened to the bomb victims was tragic, and my heart goes out to them. However, the total number of casualties was three. During the Christmas and new year period, more than one thousand people died on the roads. The roads of Thailand are dangerous. The fact that the bombs naturally garnered more media attention makes the threat seem greater. Don't be put off coming to Thailand because of this.

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SinCityGr8One said...

You had a dream, took a chance and succeeded! It is great to read that someone had the fortitude and luck to succeed. Seems to me you are doing alright. Continued success to you and your family.