Thursday, March 29, 2007

Khaleel Mohammed, with whom I exchanged e-mails a short while back, has updated his web page. He has moved a few polemics around and added a couple more into paragraphs. If this was done because of our exchange I have no idea, but his site is still one big piece of argumentation.

The professor, while being good enough to engage in debate, hides behind typical talk of non - Arab speakers "not being able to understand the Qu'ran" and all critics having "their judgement clouded by faith". The irony of this last comment seems lost on him.

Likewise, his talk of "hate" belies the fact that in my case at least, two thousand of my countrymen have been murdered by Islamic militants since 2004. Something would be wrong if we were not angry (not hateful) about execution of farm workers, beheadings of monks and public slayings of teachers. We should be angry and we should look for the source, if the source is a religious book that teaches violence, we should respond peacefully by exposing it.

It would be unfair of me to keep referring to the professor, so this will be the last reminder of our exchange for people to see his words in full and judge for themselves.

Communication with more open and informative people is in progress, it might be a while but stay tuned for some very revealing investigations.

As sceptical author and paranormal debunker James Randi once said: "You can argue and you can hide, but the truth is annoyingly persistent"

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