Sunday, July 08, 2007

More than meets the eye from this blogger

People who know me only from this blog could be forgiven for imagining me as someone ultra serious and into dull politics.

People who know me personally will probably tell a very different story. I post mainly on politics and teaching because it's something that I can actually offer some insight into. Politics in Thailand - reported in English - is not widespread and is an important issue that affects the lives of so many. Teaching is something I have a little knowledge of, accompanied by a desire to "spread the word".

However I actually have a whole other range of interests and habits that I don't usually discuss. I also do have a sense of humor that I hope comes out in my blogs sometimes but if not, just ask the people who sit next to me at work and are tormented by my bad jokes.

I could also blog on:

Why Marilyn Manson's new album rocks.

Why GNR were marginally better than Nirvana.

The ten greatest films of all time. (Stand By Me, Terminator and Ghostbusters would feature)

PS2 and my temptations towards the Xbox360

UFC and my own martial arts training (now ceased).


....and many other topics. The reason I don't is because other people do it better than I do in great quantities and also because I feel that it is the responsibility of some people to keep a focus on politics.

As a microcosm of this opinion: Thai TV has five stations. Each one of them is run by the military or government (one and the same right now) and is full of brain dead , appalling garbage. It's non-stop cheap game shows, "talent" contests and (literally)screaming soap operas interspersed with clips and songs about how wonderful and proud it feels to be Thai, designed the keep the mind of the masses on anything other than the mess the military and leaders are making of the country whilst paying themselves a big fat wad of taxpayer's money for doing so. The last thing the owners of TV want is for people to think about what matters, and how to change it.

Right now however....TRANSFORMERS MOVIE

Transformers was my childhood. It went from He-Man to Transformers toys to Sega Master System (still better than Nintendo) . I had loads of the robot toys and I loved the cartoons. Hell I still do. So when I heard a long time ago that Steven Spielberg was making a movie, I was counting down the days.

The negative reviews put me off a little but a good friend assured me that for big kids, it was a smash. So in I went, and disappointed I left.

There are some good parts to the movie. The opening was great and set the scene for the giant robot battles very well. However there were several flaws I tried to ignore but couldn't. Firstly, the robots now change from car size to twenty foot giant robot size. Bumblebee is now a sports car (though They did pay homage to his VW roots) , Optimus Prime now uses expressions like "my bad" because Autobots learned English from the Internet. Jazz sucks. The film was way too long and loads of old favourites were absent.

It wasn't all bad. Some of the fight scenes were good, though some had too much camera motion. Many of the robot cast had their original voices.

Overall though, a let down for big kids. Still the sequel may be good. Soundwave - the proper Soundwave that releases the robot cassettes - and The Dinobots are due to show up.

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The Lost Boy said...

Yeah, the size of the robots confused me. The robots also seemed to change size at points in the movie. And you're right, hearing Optimus Prime say that almost ruined his character. But the final battle scene was so immense that I could forgive that. I also didn't understand how Megatron knew where the cube crashed and how the Decepticons knew to look for the glasses.