Thursday, October 25, 2007

What did those documents say????

Courtesy of BangkokPundit, here is a translation of the allegedly leaked documents from the Thai junta concerning the “plot to undermine the PPP (People Power Party) linked with Thai Rak Thai and Thaksin Shiniwat".

The original version is here. This translation comes from The Nation via some editing of the translation by Bangkok Pundit (because he can read Thai far better than me):

To create greater harmony in the nation, by the following:1. to create and
promote harmony amongst the public so they have the same objective2. make the
Thai people aware of punishment for those who are divisive

The plan for information dissemination has two major goals - foster national unity and discredit the opposition forces against the junta and the interim government.On the discredit of the opposition forces, the junta plans to achieve five targets:

1. Prevent the middle class from leaning toward the opposition.

2. Expose the flaws of populist policies to grassroots people.

3. Deter and discourage grassroots people from rallying in Bangkok.

4. Circumvent opposition activities.

5. Deter civil servants from supporting the opposition.

For information dissemination between September and the general election, the junta will strive for the following five objectives:

1. Inform the middle class about the facts relating to various political parties
and their activities.

2. Point out the similarities between policies of disbanded Thai Rak Thai Party and those of People Power Party.

3. Encourage grassroots people to see the harms if ousted politicians were to return to power.

4. Warn about the repeat of corruption and illegitimacy should the People Power
Party were to grab power.

5. Build up the public sentiment to oppose the return of the ousted leaders via the People Power Party.In discrediting the People Power Party, the junta has assigned all military units under its jurisdiction and military controlled media outlets, including Channel 5.

In reality of course, I am not so prescient. This scandal as predictable as England’s European Championship qualifying screw up in Russia.

The great question is: are the documents genuine? Unsurprisingly, in addition to Sonthi’s initial scourge, the junta played the “These documents could be faked by soldiers who wanted to fool [PPP leader] Samak for money” card. Unsurprisingly, the junta did not offer to investigate which soldiers committed fraud. Bangkok Pundit also points out one document was actually addressed to Sonthi, which amkes his denial claim even more bizzare.

However, with Surayud’s pledge to investigate, the old general must be reasonably sure they are genuine. So what action will be taken?

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