Wednesday, March 05, 2008

More attacks on free media by PPP

Hi5 is a networking program just like facebook and it's very popular with Thai people. Indeed, K. Abhisit Vejajaiva is on hi5 and has a very large number of "friends".

There does not seem to be a whole of threat coming from the site but today this article in the Bangkok Post tells us that the site may be shut down.

The Prime Minister’s Office Minister Jakrapob Penkair has ordered the
Information, Communications and Technology (ICT) ministry to keep a close watch
on the use of social networking site after it emerged a Buddhist
monk had been using the site to woo women.

"I am upset by this," he said. "Any sort of misdeed caused by monks results in the deterioration of Buddhism."

Mr Jakrapob has already consulted with ICT ministry officials to lay down
possible measures to ensure that something like this does not recur.

"We are still determining the pros and cons of blocking the site altogether," he said.
A new cyberlaw passed last year would require court permission to block the
site, although the government has broken this law hundreds of times, and several
thousands of websites are blocked without court order or explanation.

You got that clearly? The site that is popular with hundreds of thousands of Thais may be blocked because of one monk allegedly using it to find sex. It would be funny if it wasn't 21st century Thailand.

Shame on you Jakrapob. The same Jakrapob who told The Nation after the coup: "I cannot breathe the air of dictatorship, I cannot coexist with the junta". And silly old me actually believed him, since he always comes across as intense and sincere.

But mow it seems Jakrapob is following in the footsteps of Sittichai, the MICT and all other oppressors of media freedom. Already responsible for shutting down one radio show, Jakrapob now seems intent on imposing PPP muscle on a network popular with teenagers and young voters.

The reality is that PPP resent the internet. Despite their alleged pre election activities, PPP know the net is widely used by non PPP voters and remains beyond their control.


hobby said...

Sittichai is 100 times the man Jakrapob will ever be, and he's got a sense of humor to go with it!

Jakapob said...

visit this link to see some more Jakrapob at the FCCT videos