Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Pastrygate - Thaksin's lawyers wot dun it

Bangkok Post

It's interesting that the whole case was resolved so quickly. It's also interesting that Thaksin's lawyers - highly educated, experienced and well aware that 2 million is chicken feed to Thailand's hi-so, would apparently try to bribe judges with such an amount in daylight.

Very interesting.

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ThaiCrisis said...

Indeed, it's surreal.

The "Pastrygate", ah ah ah, it's really too much.

What do you suggest ? They felt into a trap ?

I've got another hypothesis.

The whole story is Smoke and mirrors.

I mean the first... glitch was the fact that the delivery boys (the lawyers) weren't arrested on the spot.

Then, yes the amount is ridiculous. I mean... we are talking about Supreme Court here ! 2 millions would be for the secretary or the phone girl. ;-)

Then, now, look at the mass media hysteria ! In jail.

The people of PAD, and all anti-Thaksin are cheering up.

But wait a minute... who cares to send the delivery boy in jail ?

Who gave them the money ? That should be the point of any real and serious investigation.

I stick to my idea : the whole story is to entertain the masses.

But it's fundamentally bullshit.