Sunday, December 14, 2008

In other news......

I have not much to say on the banned article (as in, that edition is not sold in Thailand) except that the whole saga speaks for itself. My only further observation is that the article was banned first and then responded to (with extremely poor arguments) several days later. Priorities are as usual, then.

Thaksin's phone in last night proved to be a bit of a nonevent. Even The Nation wrote so little on it that they managed just one single spelling mistake. Thaksin informed us that the army and the courts - the people who happened to find him guilty of corruption - are interfering with democracy. It's interesting to note that most of Thaksin's speeches, the words "against democracy" or anything similar could be substituted for "have found me guilty of corruption". Still, fair play to the reds. Somebody has to keep the anti-democratic military on their toes.

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