Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bye bye TNWL

I've stopped blogging on Tue Nation's weblog site. I've enjoyed a good relationship with TN for some time, but they just seem to sink further and further into silliness.

It's not just TN's fault, the whole newspaper scene in Thailand seems to be based around idle gossip, opinion pieces and agency reports. Meanwhile, the Thai language papers add as many gruesome photos as possible to their covers. The photo of Mister Carridine's corpse shocked foreigners who are not used to this procedure but the fixation with shocking and gruesome photos is something I have queried many times.

hat is totally absent in any Thai newspaper is investigative journalism. Rarely, if ever, do we see any kind of first hand digging, fact finding or pressing interviews. One can only imagine what would be revealed if a Thai paper uncovered information in the same way the 'Daily Telegraph' leaked the MPs expenses scandal in the UK. But of course, that simply would not happen here.

What really disappointed me though was the wasted potential of TN's blogging site. It could have been an excellent way for debate, discussion and amateur journalism. Instead it has descended into dullness, pathetic squabbles and repetition.

This is partly down to a couple of unstable people being allowed to run riot while other bloggers have blogs banned for bizarre reasons. My decision not to blog was made when I posted a blog on teaching only to receive a random vitriolic comment calling my wife a whore, and myself an alcoholic and an idiot. Ironically, this came from a native speaker with the most retarded English I had ever seen. Perhaps this is part of the price for free speech- morons should be allowed to babble - but TN's rules do state comments must be on topic and not abusive.

In any case, the site receives, at best, bizarre, random moderation and no effort is made to improve the service or structure. I have a blog in the 'editor's picks' section that has been there for months, simply because the editor can't be bothered to make any fresh choices.

All in all, I'm done. There are some good blogging sites in Thailand that can be found with a quick Google search.

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