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Top brass and low logic

An article citing a previous topic from my blog - top brass and their reliance on ancient forms of nonsense.
Credit to Bangkok Post 9/6/07 for this one:

Democrat party leader Abhisit Vejjajiva yesterday warned key members of the Council for National Security (CNS) not to base any of their political decisions on superstitious beliefs. Mr Abhisit said people could not be expected to accept key decisions made by the ruling military council if they were based on such irrationality.

This is the best plus for Abhisit I've ever seen. Even billionaire Thaksin was known to make use of fortune tellers and Shaman.

His comments were in response to reports that CNS chairman Gen Sonthi Boonyaratkalin and other members of the military were heading to Chiang Mai today to consult renowned fortune teller Varin Buaviratlert. They reportedly want the fortune teller to perform magical rites to change the country's destiny following rising political tensions.

However Gen Sonthi denied the rumour, saying he was only meeting with the fortune teller for a meal.

Yes well Sondhi seems very inclined to have "meals" with people who profess to see the future. He did the same thing just a couple of times before and after the coup. Yes my friends, who needs policies, political knowledge and military know how when you can see it all from the pseudo science of astrology!?

The reports coincided with rumours that Khunying Potjaman Shinawatra, wife of deposed prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra, also plans to visit the same fortune teller today at his house in the Sukhito housing estate.

And indeed she did. The most powerful people in politics are basing their futures on a quack science that doesn't work, has never ever provided any useful or accurate information and has failed numerous scientific tests because it is not real.

A reliable source close to Mr Varin said today was a special Saturday with certain stars gaining strength, making it appropriate for a rite to avert bad luck.

Mr Abhisit said he did not know if the reports were true or not, but stressed that the coup makers should base their decisions on logic, not superstition.

It is normal for people in a confused state to turn to something or someone they can rely on, Mr Abhisit said. But to solve problems that affect the majority, all sides should use their brains and consciousness to find solutions, the Democrat leader added.

Such simple comments separate relatively young Abhisit from the old ginger, and this is to his immense credit.

Commenting on reports of a possible change of prime minister, Mr Abhisit said there must be sound reasons for such a move. Decisions made by those in power must be explainable, he said. If any were driven by superstitious beliefs, no one would accept them, he warned.

Unfortunately I disagree. A lot of uneducated people are superstitious and would accept this move, this is part of my adopted home's problems.

A source said Khunying Potjaman, one of Mr Varin's regular clients, arrived at Chiang Mai airport at 11.30am yesterday. She briefly visited her Green Valley residence before heading for Doi Suthep to pay homage to Buddha relics at Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep. She is reportedly scheduled to visit him at his house today.

I assume this is not the same fortunate teller who failed to foresee the coup that overthrew her husband?

However, a close aide to Mr Varin denied that the military men of the CNS wanted him to perform a sueb duang chata (life prolonging) ceremony for them. The CNS leaders simply wanted to visit the fortune teller, the aide said.

Could it be the CNS are feeling guilty? Whatever for?

Mr Varin gained Gen Sonthi's trust and became his personal seer after he correctly foretold Gen Sonthi's appointment as army chief. The fortune teller also previously correctly foretold that Gen Chaisit Shinawatra and Gen Prawit Wongsuwan, Gen Sonthi's predecessors, would clinch the top army job.

The oldest trick of the frauds. Make a thousand predictions, trumpet the one that comes true and people will forget the 999 failures.
So does this mean those who correctly foretold that Thaksin would be overthrown are also "gifted"? That's a lot of gifted people!

Before the Sept 19 coup, he also predicted that Gen Sonthi would lead a coup, citing that the army chief, in a previous life, had been a close aide of the late King Taksin the Great. He also predicted that Gen Sonthi would become prime minister. No comment.

Mr Varin formerly served as a rural teacher in government service, a source said. After leaving his teaching job, he reportedly met a hermit while travelling through the jungles in Chiang Mai's Chiang Dao district.

The hermit told him he possessed a 3,000-year old hermit's spirit, which gave him the powers of prediction.

Did it also include one ring to rule them all?

He then took up fortune-telling, his clients being mainly businessmen and military officers.

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