Thursday, June 14, 2007

Realpolitik in action

April 2007 - Ousted PM Thaksin states his intention to Manchester City football club. Meanwhile the build up to the party dissolution trail gains anticipation.

May: Friends and students ask me about Thaksin buying Man City. I tell them I think it won't happen because the junta do no need Thaksin building a fan base in the UK, especially with the anti-coup protests gaining momentum over here. It would be a political and face loss for the junta and I predict they will make steps to make the cash purchase impossible.

June: Thai Rak Thai are disbanded (midnight, May 30th). Sondhi (Junta leader but not PM) forgets that he is even meant to pretend he is not pulling strings and instantly suggests amnesty for some TRT players. He later backs down when people point out how ludicrous the idea is. Anti coup protests gain in numbers and attention.

Saturday 9th June: Anti coup protests, with suspected help from ousted politicians - attract about ten thousand. This number is enough to raise concern.

Sunday 10th June: PM Surayud makes a TV speech lambasting Thaksin directly for the first time ever and talking about rule of law.

Monday 11th June: AEC freeze Thaksin's assets . Thaksin is ncensed enough to suggest returning to Thailand and entering politics (which he is banned from doing like al other TRT members).. It's his last desperate roll of the dice as he senses the end game coming. Junta call his bluff and say "He's welcome to come home but we can't guarantee his safety". Thaksin later changes his mind.

The games continue as the end draws near............

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