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No free speech from YAF Watch

OK, sorry for this diversion from the usual topic of my blog. What I am about to say has been blocked on other sites, so I will say it here.

Last week, Nick Griffin from the British National Party (BNP) went to the US. As the BNP are a party that dare to cast concerns over Islam and immigration, they are often branded as "nazi" or "racist". This is hysterical, slanderous nonsense. The BNP are nationalists, not racists.Your humble blogger right here has a half Asian son.

Admittedly the BNP do have some murky past and have struggled to shake off members with racist views, and Griffin once (foolishly) cast doubt about the numbers who died in the Holocaust in a magazine article. He has since accepted this was wrong and has categorically stated that the Holocaust happened and that Holocaust deniers are not welcome in the BNP. Indeed, the BNP now has Jewish members. (Note that General Sonthi recently expressed admiration for Mao Ze Tong, and no uproar happened. To me this shows the difference between the Thai and British psyches.)

Under Griffin, the party has become modern and progressive. Their manifesto includes re-introduction of grammar schools, a halt on green area building for houses and economic protectionism. However, left wing groups brand the BNP with hysterical tags such as "hate figure" and "racists" to silence them. By using such slurs, the mainstream parties discourage anyone from considering them as the highly viable choice they are. BNP members have responded with intelligent debate and diligent campaigning.

Back to the issue at hand: Nick was invited to speak at several venues, including Michigan MSU (Michigan State University) by a group called Young Americans for Freedom (YAF). One would think that Americans of all people would welcome free speech, sadly this was not the case.

Before Nick even arrived, far left groups - including some group called "YAF Watch" had designed an pinata of him as a Nazi and publicly destroyed it with a cane. As Nick arrived in the speech hall, the MC said "All we ask is that you show our guest some civility". Instead, Nick was greeted with chants of "f**k you!" amongst other equally witty salutations. (From now on, please remember YAF organised the event, "YAF Watch" are a different group who oppose YAF)

Griffin's response was "I will start with some quotes, I hope that you at least won't howl those down". He was wrong. The students - mostly female for some reason - continued their barrage of cursing and delinquent taunts like "Do we shag now or shag later?". (video link here)

Two other students held signs - both with the "f" word on them - and blocked a fellow student who was simply trying to film the students asking questions for the entire one hour. (see the video link before)

Mr Griffin gave an insightful, logical and informed speech on the threat of Islam to Europe. As usual, he made a point of saying the threat was about Islam, not about race. Some students asked some excellent questions (such as: "What about Muslims who simply want a quiet life and to fit in with their society?") which Nick answered clearly. But it was not enough , the students had already decided that Nick was the villain and they wanted to feel important by doing something oh so rebellious.

At a set time, the students walked out as they chanted about "Nazis and KKK". The funny thing was that despite their walk out, the children still needed attention. They stayed outside and continued to chant so the remaining audience could not hear or talk with Nick. Another student pulled the fire alarm. Although the YAF Watch group say they do not condone this, not a single one of them saw who did it despite the fact the outer building was full of them at that exact time.

Nick barely batted an eyelid as he continued his speech and called students towards him so he could hear them and answer their questions.

After the speech, YAF members were attacked by the far lefties.

Why I am writing this? Well, I sent a message to the YAF Watch blog politely explaining some of my points above, telling them they damaged the reputation of the university and have only proved that they could not win a debate. My comment was not accepted. I sent the main blogger Phil a message politely asking reply.

Click here to see my initial message to YAF Watch. Remember it was rejected but strangely, another comment was accepted by YAF Watch from an anonymous blogger who had just signed up moments after my message was sent. He was referring to the alarm incident and vigorously suggesting it was not the YAF Watch who had done it. It was almost as though someone read my message, was worried that YAF Watch looked dishonest when it claimed not a single one of them saw the alarm get pulled, and decided to reject my message and write their own instead. The brand new messenger also declared reports of attacks on YAF members to be lies. This is serious, since the YAF have filed a police report on that issue.

Remember, YAF Watch is the group declaring that others are fascists.

Well, you might not like it guys but freedom of speech is hard to stop. So I'm telling you Phil Moon (pic here) and the guys at YAF Watch right here and right now that you are a disgrace. You may be young and do dumb stuff, that's what being a student is all about. But you should know better than to use violence, abuse and just downright savage behaviour when defending your cause. In the land of the free, you guys just showed that when you can't win an argument with a sensible , logical debate, you spit your dummy out. I speak for nobody and no group but myself when I say you should be ashamed.

I posted my thoughts on a Michigan MSU facebook section and received gems such as this from Dylan Anderson (note the creative use of grammar):


who died and made you a fucking intellectual? you obviously have no clue what you are talking about. james madison at MSU is one of the premier colleges in the US for political science. you have no clue what the hell you are talking about. get back to hanging out with your wal mart scUM fans and get the hell out of here.

Apparently the capital 'UM' is because Dylan thought I was a student at the rival Michigan University.

University spokesman Terry Denbow simply said:

“I think the event went off without disruption that would preclude two-way communication.”

“I think the behaviors were appropriate for a heated discussion."

Which makes me wonder what the hell he thinks is inappropriate.

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Red and White said...

This comment from blogger Jack Wallace :

Welcome to the PC Gulag that is the American university today. This is, however, nothing new for the New Left in the US: it has been their only tactic (that and smug self-righteousness and churlish ridicule) for 40 years: from throwing bags of dogshit at students in the ROTC and National Guard at Kent State (that's how the famed riot and "massacre" started) to steeling and burning all conservative student magazines and newspapers, to drowning out professors in their own lectures (with chants like "R-2 F--- You!" given the world renowned historian R.R. Palmer at Princeton) because their theories were thought not to be Leftist enough. Meanwhile, they scream: "Fascist" "Nazi" "Racist" "Homophobe" "rapist" "baby-killer" and the like at anyone who even suggests that they ought to tone it down a little, and then try to get them fired or expelled for being a "hate monger". The only real development has been that since 1990, the administrations of these centers of higher learning have increasingly listened to them ... and even encouraged them ... because, well, 20 years ago they were all doing the same thing.