Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Symptoms of an undeveloped democracy

1) Coups

2) Frequent formation of new parties and dissolution of old ones.

3) Vote buying

4) Politicians are actually business men or military men. (Choose a politician and search for them on google)

5) Politicians are alleged gangsters

6) Nobody is surprised that alliances change by the week.....

7) .....and politicos defect just as often (see "end of the old guard?" half way down)

8) Freedom of speech restrictions.

9) Money is the only form of justice

10) People behave like this and get away with it.

11) The coup leader grants himself any job he wishes

12) All the TV channels are owned by the government or the military or one and the same.

We still have a long, hard way to go people. Bear with us.......


The YAF debate clock

It's coming up to a week since YAF Watch received and deleted y request for a sensible debate to their slanderous and dishonest reporting.

I bought new web addresses today, stay tuned!

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