Saturday, December 22, 2007

Thailand takes the vote

Thailand goes to the polls tomorrow. I have already blogged about the candidates here. Both have turned up the heat in their campaigns. Abhisit has taken a pragmatic approach, although a little vague he has stuck to policy issues and the bigger picture. However his appeal has remained primarily with the middle and upper class.

Samak has made his party Thai Rak Thai march 2 - albeit with second choice staff - and ran through the north east, pledging to bring back Thaksin, parading his offspring and (allegedly) buying votes. Samak has remained loud mouthed and obnoxious.

The military ostensibly remain neutral amid strong allegations they will ensure PPP do not get a majority.

The AEC have gone curiously quiet.

The stage seems set for something, but what?

Will PPP get a clear majority?

If so, will the military allow it? Such an event would make an even greater mockery of the coup and replace Thaksin with someone who has all his arrogance and greed but none of his brains.

If Abhisit gets in, will he have the courage and freedom to take Thailand forward?

Will a coalition government be as weak as its predecessors?

What will happen to Thaksin? Will he be off the hook if his friends get in?

Will the army be able to keep out, especially in light of Prem's comments?

So many questions so little optimism. So much undecided.

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