Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Lese Majeste

Following on from the news that Jakrapob Penkair would be investigated for Lese Majeste for comments made at the FCCT in mid 2007 is the news that BBC's Jonathon Head would be investigated for possible Lese Majese for comments made during the "Coup, Capital, Crown" presentation, also at the FCCT last year.

It must be stressed that this is only at the complaint stage, not a formal charge.

The BBC are not a minor play on the global stage and it would be interesting to see how they respond if the complaint is taken further.


Anonymous said...

Jakrapob insulted the Thai and British monarchies at the FCCT in a BBC hosted event. Charges were filed against Jakrapob, the media hardly reported Jakrapob's nasty Lese Majeste but instead went crazy about someone not standing uo in the cinema.

Who is controlling the Thai media?

Are the Lese Majeste cases against Jakrapob and the BBC progressing?

Anonymous said...

Jakrapob was alleged to have insulted the monarchy, and stating as fact that he did so rather expresses an opinion than actual knowledge or credentials for making such a judgment. Many people are sensitive in the extreme to illusions of lese majeste let alone the real thing, and claims of it having occurred are more often inaccurate than not. That is one of the reasons most cases fizzle after a while because the proof is in the pudding and when you get down to what was actually said, how it was said, etc., it turns out to be different than what the troublemakers in society allege.