Thursday, May 29, 2008

Any of this sound familiar?

The PAD taking to the streets to represent a minority but a significant minority's opposition? The government facing frequent accusations of legal manipulation to further their own ends? The name of "Thaksin" being thrown about everywhere? A young man being persecuted for something he said in English by people who really should know better and, in many cases, can't speak English? (And of course, there was no promoting from any ex military mean to do this) An unpredictable economy hitting some people hard and causing others to fear how they will manage to survive? Military generals making promises of non intervention, that seem to cause more whispers of the "c" word each time it happens?

I'm sorry to say that certain people are eyeing another opportunity to play upon uncertainty, confusion and people's need to feel "national security". I do not like Samak or PPP at all, but it gives me no pleasure to predict that we won't make it into 2009 with this government.

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BangkokDan said...

Sharply observed with a happy end.