Tuesday, May 13, 2008

You couldn't make this stuff up!

This is why I love Thailand........

Democrat MPs staged a walkout during their friendly football match against government politicians Tuesday when controversial MP Karun Hosakul showed up.

Hope they remembered to take their ball with them!

Karun got loud cheers from his supporters during the match. And he showed to them an "I love you" symbol in sign language. In the locker room, he also challenged the opposition to begin its impeachment proceedings against him, according to a Democrat.

Before riding home on his bicycle for tea.

(As explained in the article, Karun - who has a history of dubious behaviour - aimed a kick at a Democrat MP inside Parliament building a few weeks back.) Rumour has it some Dems were waiting by the Parliament gates to get Karun at home time, but their plot was foiled when his mum picked him up by car.


Bangkok Pundit said...

A bit childish really. The matter is still before the fact-finding committee as they haven't announced his punishment yet.

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