Tuesday, July 29, 2008

It's all a big joke!

According to The Nation (I will post a link when I can get one) Kwanchai Praiphana, leader of the anti- PAD protesters in Udon Thani, admits:

"I do offer 10,000 bhat to anyone who punched Chidchob and I said if it was Chamlong's blood, I would pay 20,000 bhat. But it was a joke, I didn't mean it to be taken seriously"

Perhaps K.Praiphana should choose his jokes more carefully. After all, he is leading a band of working class people to whom 20,000 bhat is a lot of money and I'm not sure the "joke" defence would stand up in court, though I do recall one TRT MP stating his offer of 2 million bhat to a Democrat MP to step down from local elections was "a joke" also.

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