Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The judiciary stuns the government

You read it here just days before the new wave of big stories. In fact, I was so spot on that just eight days after my blog, Samak highlighted the issue himself.

And now we have the SC decision upholding the charges against Youngyuth of vote fraud.

The comminque by foreign minister Noppadom concerning Preah Vihear is declared unconstitutional. (The cabinet could be impeached by the 49% appointed senate).

And health minister Chaiya Sasomsup disqualified from his post by the Constitutional Court.

It's also worth noting the former charge was initiated by the Election Commission and the later by the post -Thaksin NCCC line up.

The courts are now reeling off a series of verdicts on various cases that is heaping pressure on the government and there are more to come. The ongoing charges against Thaksin and his family could change the face of Thai politics.

Judges in Thai courts are selected by a Judicial Commission panel of senate appointed experts (remember the senate is 49% appointed itself) and serving judges. The choices must be submitted to His Majesty the King for formal selection and approval. The junta of 2007 increased the retirement age of judges to sixty five and oversaw the dissolution trial of Thai Rak Thai.

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