Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Psychological warfare 101 - portray your opponents as terrorists, create vague, hazy, fears that get the public nervous and looking to you for protection.

As endorsed by George W Bush, one of the worst presidents of all time, now endorsed by Somchai Wongsawat.


tiz said...

Not so much a comment on this post, although I must say, the ongoing situation in Thailand is worrying me. They are all behaving like little spoiled children, who don't want to listen to others and just want everything for themselves. I guess that shows what happens when everybody is fighting for their own wallet. Because, that seems to be whats going on here, be the one in power, become rich and park your ferrari in the VIP parking area of Paragon.

I think there aren't many other countries where a 'democratic' government has so many rich officials.

On a side note, I hope the author can comment on a question, regarding the following article:


(PAD refuses to open Rajdamnoen for royal motorcade)

Why is it that someone who doesn't stand up for the King at the beginning of a movie in the cinema gets beaten up and then prosecuted for less majeste, but a group who refuse the royal motorcade passage does not get slapped with a less majeste charge? To me, this blockade seems like the sign a disrepect towards the royal family.

What are your views on that?

Red and White said...

Hi Tiz,
I'm not sure what to make of the decision, though they obviously reversed it anyway. I think the whole thing is a war of minds.

As for your second point, I must sadly kep my thoughts to myself as we should respect the laws of the country where we live.

tiz said...

thanks for your response... I am not in Thailand, so that might make discussing things a little easier, but I will respect your blog and keep certain things to myself.. But oh it is itching.

I can only guess that at points you yourself feel like grabbing the mic and center stage and telling everybody what's wrong with their country and have them actually listen.

But it seems that for now, we have to do with empty rethoric, self serving talks and no structural solutions to some of thailand's problems.

The frustration is here, because for all its flaws, I love Thailand and its people.