Monday, February 04, 2008

Litigation culture

So General Saprang "I'm a hero" Kalayanamitr is threatening to sue the Manager Group for documenting his alleged corruption and poor performance of his two executive positions.

Nothing new there of course, It's all part of high society mind games to threaten lawsuits. But what would be truly interesting is if the court involved (presumably the civil court unless there is a higher starting point for the level of damages being claimed) actually took the case seriously and actually put the onus on the Manager Group to prove their allegations.

Such a case would involve critical and open analysis of General Saprang's performance being played out in public. It is something done very, very rarely for military men, and could potentially set a precedent for all military staff who hold directorships. Such a case could encourage others to be a little more diligent and transparent in their work.

Sadly, all these considerations are the reason why the lawsuit threat is probably only a threat. Unlike that of his brother.

Has there been a precedent to this type of case in Thailand? I am not aware of any.

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