Wednesday, February 27, 2008

So what has been happening?

Apologies for my lack of blogging as of late. There have been rumours - I can nether confirm nor deny them - that this is due to my second purchase of an Xbox360.

  • Chalerm has given a job to one of his charming sons.
  • Yongyuth "the refrigerator" Tiyapairat has been charged by the ECC for vote buying.
  • Thaksin is due to return now that the undermining of the judicial system has begun.

Note that the 'old money' elite have been deafening by their silence during all of this. This is not due to their love of democracy or patience with the PPP. This is simply waiting for a chance to strike. Anupong Paochinda's call for everyone to allow Thaksin to return simply echoes of Sondhi's promise that there would not be a coup.

Also of note is Pracha Prasopdee's threat to drive PAD leaders out of Thailand if they protest again. Prasopdee says this would be done for "stability", his verdict is an interesting contrast to the constitution's promise that people can protest peacefully, weather Prasopdee likes it or not.

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