Thursday, February 28, 2008

Non news

Today's big news is Thaksin's return. The plane made a special stop outside the VIP lounge of the airport for the man who is charged with - and has strong evidence of - corruption.

The biggest non shock is that he was granted bail on both charges. Who would ever have thought?

Events in the past year have gone something like this.

1) Thaksin and Privy Council head Prem have a public war of words.

2) The coup.

3) Prem refers to Thaksin as "evil" or various other unflattering terms at every opportunity, mixed in with his usual nationalist rhetoric.

4) Thaksin says he wants to "make amends" with Prem.

5) Thaksin's wife returns home and gets bail.

6) Thaksin's wife consults a "respectable senior figure" over the formation of a new government (h/t Bangkok Pundit)

6) Thaksin returns home and gets bail.

Go figure.

Incidentally, do not be fooled by Surapong's request to Thaksin to be a "economical advisor". This is a ploy so that Thaksin can make a very public refusal and this will be held up as proof that he truly does not want to return to politics.

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Thailand Musings said...

Should be interesting to see the PR campaign and saving of face that commences now that he is back in Thailand. I'm sure within 6 months no one will even remember that there were ever any charges of corruption.