Friday, October 24, 2008

""I believe in the Thai justice system, especially the court system. Normally in justice systems everywhere, a person is innocent until proved guilty."

Before the trial (link)

`They don't use the rule of the law as evidence, they follow the politics,'' he said. ``They try to use the court to manage politics. I think the British people and the world understand that isn't democracy.''
``I'm very happy for her, but my wife has done nothing wrong and is not a politician, This court is for politicians _ it's not a normal court.''

After the trial (Potjamon was convicted on other charges). (link)

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tiz said...

hypocrisy proven, but already evident and expected..

now what I would find an interesting analysis / post would be a list of of the properties a democracy has according to the general definition, and the PAD's program / opinion / plan for each of those properties. I think it would show a very autocratic picture, instead of the democracy they claim to be advocating.

Another interesting analysis would be the things they accuse PPP and ex-TRT of and then compare those points to their own actions..

cronyism, abuse of political system for own agenda etc etc