Sunday, October 26, 2008

The sort of people involved in Thai politics Pt.5

It just doesn't get any better for Sodsri does it? Remember the (taxpayer salaried) election commissioner's various predicaments? She couldn't vote in the Democrat MP case because she "had" to take a (taxpayer funded) trip to the US.

Well lo(w) and behold, Sodsri is back! But wait....she still can't make the meeting because....errr....she's only just back....:

" .......chairman Apichart Sukhagganond said the panel met yesterday with four out of five commissioners present. Therefore, they decided not to rule on the case in which Mr Vithoon, a Democrat list MP, was accused of buying votes with movie tickets ahead of the Dec 23 election last year.

The absentee commissioner was Sodsri Satayathum who could not attend the meeting as she had just returned from an official trip to the United States. " (source)

I shall have to try that one myself! 'Hello, work? Err, sorry I can't come in to school this week, I've only just returned from Phuket....."

Sodsri isn't the only one who appears to be a cymbal short of a drum kit though. Former (taxpayer salaried) Pol Gen Salang Bunnag who threatened to besiege PAD members at Government House and spoke of a "special weapon" to use against them is now trying to Jedi mind trick the entire nation and international press by denying he ever said it....

"Pol Gen Salang Bunnag claimed that he has never spoken about the plan to seal off the Government House to cut off food supplies of People's Alliance for Democracy (PAD) supporters.

He insisted that he has never talked about anything like that.

Pol Gen Salang then blamed it on reporters, saying they made the news up themselves to cause rifts in the country. " (source)

I guess this report is made up, and this one too , as is this article. and this picture of him weeping as he speaks.

Interestingly, PAD leader Sondhi claims Salang owes him 60 million baht.

Salang also headed a foundation that distributed an "aids pill" that has been declared useless.

Salang was once charged with having his officers act unlawfully when they shot dead six alleged drug traffickers. Salang said his men acted in defence:

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