Thursday, October 02, 2008

Sodsri at the grindstone again

Good old ECC member Sodsri Sattayatham is setting a shining example of professionalism to everyone yet again. We already know about her tragic illnesses that occur at times she is due to face criticism, and her refusal to apologise for blatant (some might say slanderous) false statements and of course her threats to do......nothing. We know all that already.

But today, when the ECC was due to rule on the conduct of a Democrat MP - a case that could have huge implications for Thailand - the group could not reach a quorum because Sodsri "had" to go to the US embassy to apply for her visa.

No, she couldn't go yesterday, tomorrow, at 7am this morning or next week (apparently she left it until today to apply for a visa she needs before October 7th) , and no she couldn't "rush" back in time.

Hey, let's be fair here. Sodsri needed the visa to go to the US to "observe preparations for the presidential election". No Disneyland, Empire State Building or Grand Canyon required, then.

It wasn't clear if taxpayer funds will be used to pay for the trip, but I'm sure the benefits of "observing preparations" for the US election will be of huge reward to the Thai political system.


fall said...

And they are not sure if the meeting could be held before she get back either.
My god, truely cant find that kind of "thick-face" tactic anywhere else.

And as an extra-icing, all those meeting, visa, travel, and trip expenses are paid for by tax-payer money(let's see if she take her kids this time).

Bangkok Pundit said...

She might have had an appointment for a visa interview at the Embassy today.