Monday, January 28, 2008

And it goes on....

Over a month after the election and after much power brooking, bargaining and sedition, Samak was finally confirmed as PM today. His name will be submitted for royal approval.

One question remains: how will the new parliament form legislation without the senate? As the senate is not due to be confirmed for some time, are the new MP's unable to do anything before then?

A month late parliament. A lower house without an upper house, it all seems a mess.


Anonymous said...

R&W, the "เฉพาะการ" sections of the Constitution dictate that in the transitory period before the Senate is appointed/elected, the NLA will serve as the Senate.

All in all, the coup has meant the senate election pre-coup has been a total waste and that the vile unelected yet salary receiving members of the NLA still have a role in this country. Don't forget the cost of the referendum to add to the bill. Eventually what did the Thai people actually get?

tUM|BleR said...

There being a lower house without an upper house is surely a consequence of having a new constitution. If the 1997 one remained, we wouldn't be in such a mess. A lesson for al the coup-makers out there.