Thursday, January 03, 2008

The PS Box war

Notice the guy in the centre is whispering to the storeman ("He's taking a picture")

Update on my Xbox360 saga. Part one here, part two here.

So after some time, I decided to collect my X360, get it repaired independently and then begin my publicity campaign. However, yesterday I went to the shop to collect it and was told "It's not finished". "What do you mean? Where is it? You said you wouldn't fix it" I said (in very bad Thai, with customers noticing my agitation).

The storeman said something nervously that I didn't understand. I waited around for a while as I rang Mr Manager who was not in the store as usual. There was no answer. I stood and took a picture of the shop, which seemed to unsettle the storeman. Lo and behold, my wife got call less than minute later from the manager saying my x360 had been sent to Sapham Lek ......."to check. They are closed today but the x360 will be back in the store tomorrow".

I think it's likely they have trashed my x360 as revenge. I'm not sure I'll ever get it back.

The store have my system, my money and seem remarkably unconcerned about the threat of any other authorities being notified. Could there be a link between this and their blatant sale of copied games? (Yes that was a rhetorical question).

All I can do now is go ahead and notify as many places and people as I can. I have written a note which I will get translated hand out to customers in The Mall. It's risky and I don't like doing it, but it's either that or allow these people to effectively rob us then spit on us.

Do not buy from this store: PS Box in The Mall Bang Khae

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fall said...

...note which I will get translated hand out to customers in The Mall.

Inefficient and health hazard.
Try posting the story on thai gaming webboard and pantip.
Also send the story to thai game magazines or customer protection agency and ask for advice. At least if the magazine print your story, it would reach more audience than handing out pamphlet.

Should have gone with PS3. I let Henry Gates ass f*ck my PC with window 'nough already.