Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The fallout

Potjamon Shinwat pleads not guilty and tells the court:

"The defence requests 90 days to gather evidence and await the readiness of the codefendant to jointly fight the charges, expected some time in May"

You could be forgiven for wondering why Potjamon didn't do that during her stalling of months and months when due to testify to the AEC, when these charges were first raised.

Potjamon also confirmed Thaksin will return in May and The Nation suggests Thaksin wants to become a monk.

This wouldn' t be the first time a controversial Thai PM/dictator returned as a monk. It also isn't the first time that politicians have suddenly become remarkably relaxed about corruption charges following requested "reconciliation" meetings with Prem. In the case in question, the former CNS chief also assures us that there were no meetings between himself and Potjamon. The press just made it up.

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