Monday, January 07, 2008

Thaksin's wife to return? // Headline translations

Thaksin's wife Porjamon Shiniwatra is - according to a source - due to arrive in Thailand tomorrow. This could provide a very interesting indication as to how the power struggle is going.

PS has a warrant out for her arrest , yet some believe that a deal has been made with Privy council head General Prem. Why would PS return to Thailand if she thought she would be arrested? But how will people react if she is allowed to walk free? How will the rural masses react if she is taken to jail?

If the source is correct, it could get interesting.

Rather than just re-iterate news pieces, I thought I'd translate a few political headlines for my readers.

"PPP offer Democrats cabinet seats to aid reconciliation"

PPP plead for a power share rather than dissolution

"Samak says a powerful man is working against PPP".

Samak says Prem is working against PPP

"Thaksin: I want to patch things up with Prem"

Thaksin: please don't arrest me when I come back.

"Military laughs off stealth coup claims"

Military laughs at opposition's lack of artillery.

"Election winners report for duty"

The buffet is open

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