Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Siam Park tragedies

Last year there was an accident at Siam Park resulting in a death. A "full investigation" was held. The park continued in business as usual.

This week, another accident resulted in twenty nine injuries.

The owner Chaiwat Luangamornlert told the press: 'Two accidents since late last year, and both were unforgivable''.

''In the first accident, one person died and this time a lot were injured. The accidents point to poor management. "

Sadly, nobody from the press asked the owner:

"What was the result of the previous fatal accident investigation?"

"Who does your maintenance? Did they not warn you of the 'Super Spiral' danger?"

"If the answer to the previous question is 'no' , what action will you take against them?"

"Who is responsible for the hiring and selection of maintenance staff?"

"As a theme park owner, you must surely be aware of your legal responsibilities, do they include safety?"

"Are there laws covering criminal negligence in Thailand? How rigorously are they enforced?"

"The police and other local authorities have made several investigations into park rides and accidents in the past. Each time they seem to find no blame or fault. Why do you think this is? Are you going to request they perform more thorough investigations and delegate responsibility for the accidents?"

"Will you continue to pay for the medical and funeral expenses of the victims?"

"You have stated you want to sell the park because of your sadness, will you be expecting or requesting a profit?"

"What advice or steps will you take to ensure the new owners inherit a park that is not liable to create another tragedy?"

"Visitors to Siam Park tend to be lower income families, is this why less money was spent on maintenance in the park?"

"Why has there been no formal apology to the victims?"

"Governor Apirak said he was instructed to make sure all rides were safe. Did you converse with him about this?"

Am I being too harsh? Would it be cold of me to note that the decision to sell would probably also be the best financial decision for Mr Chaiwat Luangamornlert? Perhaps I just feel sad for the victims. They came to have fun and due to negligence, they found horror. I hope they receive justice.

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